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On Feb. 28, 2024, Colorado Gives Foundation held its annual investment meeting, Connecting for Good: Amplifying Impact for nonprofit endowment partners and donors.

Our President and CEO, Kelly Dunkin reflected on a year of transformation and growth. In 2023, we not only rebranded to change our name to Colorado Gives Foundation but also launched the Bring it Home Fund to preserve and increase housing accessibility for Jeffco residents and together, we raised $54.2 million for Colorado Gives Day. Early highlights for 2024 included the introduction of the Pathways to Prosperity Fund, aimed at preparing Coloradans for in-demand, good-paying jobs, alongside commitments to help build quality early childhood systems in Jeffco, and our continued work on affordable housing. 

Finance and Investment Committee Chair Dale Martin shared information about our investment process and the work being done to implement effective investment strategies and portfolio diversification. Then, Robert Morris of Graystone Consulting, our outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), presented a comprehensive overview of how the 2023 markets performed and shared his insights into what we can expect in 2024. 

The theme of the second half of the meeting was Amplifying Impact Together, featuring stories from our nonprofit partners. 

Max Gibson, executive director with the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition and Dr. Kris Steinberg, philanthropist and community advocate shared how they made their dream to serve their community for generations to come a reality by starting an endowment. The Action Center’s Pam Brier, chief executive officer, and John Covert, director of development, highlighted their strategic use of grants and investments to maximize impact.

Both organizations, while at different stages of endowment building, are doing exceptional work today to create exciting opportunities for their futures. 

Wrapping up, Tim Zeckser, nonprofit endowment manager, introduced a new program that offers free coaching and consulting for the Foundation’s endowment partners aimed at empowering our partners regardless of their size to help craft specific tactics or strategies to help nonprofits succeed.

Tim shared that the Foundation has made progress to ensure 100% ESG-screened funds in the portfolio by the end of the year. He also announced grants for new nonprofit partners and current endowments to grow their endowments (for funds under $100,000) or to amplify endowments (for funds over $100,000).

For more details, resources from the meeting, including the presentation slide deck and the full event recording are available below. 

Meeting Resources

View Presentation Slide Deck 

View Full Event Recording

View Market Review & Forecast Summary

Connect with Tim

Interested in learning more about our endowment grants? Connect with Tim Zeckser to explore opportunities or apply.  

Tim Zeckser
Endowment Manager