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What is the Incentive Fund?

The Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund is a fund established by Colorado Gives Foundation (formerly Community First Foundation) and First Bank, to amplify charitable donations made on Colorado Gives Day, which is an annual day of giving in Colorado. The fund is made possible by contributions from Colorado Gives Foundation and FirstBank, as well as other corporate and community partners.

The fund works by providing a financial boost to every donation made to participating nonprofits on Colorado Gives Day. The more donations a nonprofit receives on Colorado Gives Day, the more of the incentive fund they can earn. This creates an opportunity for donors to maximize the impact of their charitable giving and for nonprofits to receive additional funding to support their important work in the community.

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We are excited to announce the upcoming 2023 Incentive Fund sponsorship opportunity for Corporate, Business and Community Sponsors, and we invite you to join this impactful event.

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2022 Incentive Fund Sponsors

Thanks to sponsors from around the state, nonprofits were able to receive a Boost for the donations they receive from November 1 through Colorado Gives Day. Last year, fundraising on ColoradoGivesDay.org was amplified by a $1.4 Million Incentive Fund thanks to the following sponsors!

Thank you to our 2022 Incentive Fund Sponsors!