Corporate Giving + Sponsorships

Engage Your Business

At Colorado Gives Foundation, we understand that workplace giving can take many forms, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with companies to find creative ways to support charitable causes and engage employees in giving back to their communities.

We believe that workplace giving is mutually beneficial for both employers and employees. It promotes employee engagement, fosters a sense of community and purpose, and helps to strengthen the company’s reputation as a socially responsible organization. Many employers also use workplace giving programs as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, which can help to attract and retain top talent, improve employee morale, and enhance the company’s overall image in the community.

At Colorado Gives Foundation, via we have several ways to get involved, see below for the current opportunities:

Create a Campaign for Colorado Gives Day

On Dec. 5 we will celebrate Colorado Gives Day a statewide giving movement. You and your employees can participate by creating a workplace giving campaign.  You can choose to feature one or more nonprofits that your organization supports, or let your employees choose from over 3,800 nonprofits on the website.  You can even set up employer matches!  Plus, all donations made during the Colorado Gives Day event get a boost from the $1M+ incentive fund. Create a Fundraising Campaign Here.

Charitable Giving Through Payroll Deduction

Allow employees to donate a portion of their income to a charitable cause of their choice through payroll deduction.  We can partner with you to receive those funds and upload them into employee’s digital wallets on Learn More by Requesting Information Here.

Electronic Giving Cards

Better then a Gift Card, give the gift of giving. These preloaded giving cards allow the recipients to donate to their favorite nonprofits on Show your appreciation to employees, clients or partners so they can support a worthy cause of their choosing: Request Your Giving Cards Here.

Cause-Related Fundraising

Start by creating the fundraising page for one or more of your favorite nonprofits on You can include a match to bolster giving or even donate a portion of profits from a product or service to the charity. And don’t forget to promote the fundraising page and nonprofit’s message through advertising or social media. Use to find a nonprofit to support today. Search For a Cause Now.

Rapid Response Fundraising

Every year we witness natural disasters or other crises in our state.  These events result in loss of life, property, and often displacement. In times of crises we want to help. On we make it easy to help. You can create a fundraising page in just a couple of clicks. Looking for more help in how your corporation or employees can give in times of a crises, we can provide guidance. Request Fundraising Support Here.