Nonprofit Resources

We’re dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed and thrive.

You are the visionaries. The hard workers. The people who make change happen in our communities. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding innovative and collaborative ways to support your work. We provide tools, resources and education to help reduce your administrative burdens. That way you can stay focused on providing the services that help communities thrive.

Nonprofits are the backbone of Colorado’s thriving communities. We want you to be equipped to help your organization best live out its mission and be successful. so we have made online giving free and easy through!

Enrollment is open now: Join Colorado’s Year-Round Fundraising Site.
Each December, Colorado Gives Day celebrates the spirit of giving with one of the nation’s largest giving events. To participate in Colorado Gives Day this year and start fundraising year-round on, you’ll need to enroll and create a new profile by October 18, 2024.

Endowment Management

Colorado Gives Foundation supports the long term financial security of nonprofits by helping them establish and build endowments. Connect With Our Endowment Manager Here.

Grant Opportunities

Colorado Gives Foundation provides Grants to Jeffco serving Nonprofits. Our collaborative approach with community partners drives the type and quantity of funding we provide. We will announce Grant opportunities throughout the year. Review Open Grant Opportunities Now.

Reserve Our Meeting Space

We welcome nonprofits to our free meeting space! Our mission is to empower nonprofits and support their important work, and our free meeting space is just one way we achieve this goal. Our comfortable and well-equipped facility is designed to meet your needs and create a productive and collaborative atmosphere. By offering several meeting rooms free of charge, we hope to make a meaningful difference for organizations and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. Thank you for considering our meeting space for your next gathering! Reserve Our Meeting Space Now.