Colorado Gives Foundation supports the long-term financial security of nonprofits by helping them establish and build endowments.

Colorado Gives Foundation currently manages an endowment portfolio consisting of funds for over 130 different organizations. The average fund value is $300,000, with the largest fund valued at over $5,000,000. The majority of the funds are traditional endowments, which are intended to be held in perpetuity and provide a steady source of income for the organization’s charitable causes. Colorado Gives Foundation is proud to manage this diverse and impactful portfolio of funds, which helps support a wide range of nonprofits and causes in our community. Our Nonprofit Endowment Partners recognize that when they are building a permanent endowment they are also building a foundation for growth.

Endowments + The Benefits

A nonprofit endowment is a long-term fund invested for the future needs of an organization. It is designed to provide a reliable source of income for a nonprofit’s charitable mission for generations to come. Endowment funds are typically structured to be held in perpetuity and only a portion of the earnings generated by the endowment can be spent each year, ensuring the organization’s long-term sustainability.

There are several benefits of having an endowment:

  • Stable Source of Funding: Enabling the nonprofit to maintain its charitable programs even in difficult economic times.
  • Short-term Funding Support: Allows the nonprofit to plan and execute long-term projects and initiatives without worrying about short-term funding constraints.
  • Lasting Legacy Support: Endowments provide an opportunity for donors to leave a lasting legacy and support causes that align with their values for generations to come.

Our Endowment Partnership Program

Colorado Gives Foundation offers an endowment program to help nonprofit organizations build a stable financial future. Our program includes a variety of services to support organizations in setting up and managing an endowment fund, including investment management, financial reporting, and planned giving resources.

Our experienced team works closely with organizations to develop a customized plan to meet their unique needs and goals. By partnering with us, organizations can benefit from financial management expertise, reduced investment fees and ongoing support to ensure the longevity of their endowment. We welcome organizations of all sizes and sectors to explore our endowment program and start building a sustainable future.

Colorado Gives Foundation offers the following benefits to our Endowment Partners:

  • Long-term Designated Funds: A long-term designated fund is a type of endowment created to support a specific nonprofit. It is invested for the long-term and can provide for larger distributions based on the needs of the nonprofit. 
  • White-label Donor Advised Fund: A white-label donor-advised fund is a DAF that is branded under a nonprofit, but the DAF is opened at and administered by Colorado Gives Foundation. It provides nonprofits another fundraising tool to offer their donors.  
  • Planned Giving: Planned giving, also referred to as gift planning or legacy giving, is a way to create a lasting impact for your organization. Unlike an annual gift, a planned gift is typically for the future and often not received until after a donor’s death. Research demonstrates that donors with legacy gifts also give more to a nonprofit during their lifetime. We can help you develop a planned gift to grow your endowment.