Building Capacity is an Achievable Goal 

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Capacity is a word that can make you scratch your head because it often means something different to different people and organizations. For us, capacity is all about an organization’s ability to effectively delivery on its mission and investing in ways to sustain your organization into the future. 

Most nonprofit organizations operate with very limited resources. The question then becomes, “How do I invest those limited resources of money, time and expertise to position my organization for growth?” We believe investing in capacity and fundraising are deeply connected.  

Choosing the path that’s right for your organization can be tricky. Ask yourself the following questions to get started on your path toward sustainability and growth. 

1. Is my team aligned on a clear vision? 
2. Do I have a strong case for impact?
3. Can I effectively use new funding? 

If you answer, “Yes!” to these three questions, your organization is ready to build capacity. 

Watch a Learn 365: Rev It Up webinar for more insights! 

Colorado Gives Foundation can help you. Your first steps?  

Storytelling. Review your organization’s profile on Will donors find what you have to say interesting and does it offer an emotional connection? Is it informative? Do you integrate photos of your work in action? A picture is worth a thousands words. Take advantage of Colorado Gives 365 to add imagery and video. Quick tip: Link your Instagram or Facebook platforms to easily add imagery and stories to your page! 

Leverage Fundraising Pages. Fundraising pages offer unique messaging opportunities and unique reporting. Learn More 

Secure a Matching Grant. Matching grants create opportunities for specific, compelling and time-sensitive campaigns using a match to incentivize donations and highlight your story for impact. Learn More Nonprofit Dashboard. Use the data in your account to measure growth. The overview dashboard, donations report, and recurring/retention reports help you review past fundraising activity and determine your future goals to grow. 

Let Colorado Gives Foundation help your organization build capacity and grow!