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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a topic of conversation that began in the 1950’s and has gathered increasing attention in recent years. Apple is investing $100 million in its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, Schwab encourages its employees to participate in a flash-consulting event to help local nonprofits, and Delta Dental of Colorado offers a matching gift program and volunteer hours. According to the Governance & Accountability Institute, an estimated 90 percent of companies on the S&P 500 index published a CSR report in 2019, compared to just 20 percent in 2011. 

What does this mean for Colorado’s companies? Whether you’re a small, mid-sized or large company, Colorado Gives Foundation has a team of highly engaged experts who can help you build your CSR program and engage your employees in giving. 

Give your employees a voice. Invite employees to explore what CSR can look like in your organization. Assemble a diverse, cross-functional team to answer the question: How can we best use our unique strengths to make a difference? Not only does this generate lots of excitement and ideas, but it also creates greater engagement. 

Align your CSR goals with your brand, strategy, and culture. Delta Dental of Colorado donates oral health supplies to Title 1 schools and their associated PTA/PTSA organizations, a great example of a CSR program that aligns with brand and strategy. A new food brand could support hunger relief organizations, and an emerging fintech software could host an annual peer-to-peer fundraiser for a financial literacy organization. The key is to be authentic. 

Data and storytelling go hand-in-hand. Track your efforts and share with employees what you’re accomplishing. This helps create a baseline for future goals and inspires other employees to participate. If you’re considering an annual fundraiser, consider incorporating an online fundraising tool that can centralize and track donations for ease of reporting. 

Find like-minded partners. You don’t have to figure this out on your own! We can help. Whether you want to host a team fundraiser on ColoradoGives.org or open a tax-advantaged giving account, we love crafting custom programs to help companies like yours make good happen. We are innovative, scrappy, and eager to partner on charitable programs that drive change. Join us in disrupting the status quo of charitable giving. 

Giving back is no longer just for the B-corps; it is a strategic imperative.  According to a Deloitte Millennial Survey, 87% of millennials believe their company’s success should be measured on more than profit, and that their desire to stay at their companies is tied to meaningful work. 

Sign up for the 2023 Corporate Challenge! Whether you’re a small business or one of Colorado’s largest, you’re at the heart of where Coloradans go to work, play, shop, dine and gather. Encourage employees to give where they live on ColoradoGives.org and Colorado Gives Day.