Giving Methods

Give the way that works for you!

At Colorado Gives Foundation, our goal is to simplify the giving process, allowing you to concentrate on creating a positive impact that is most important to you.

We welcome and accept various forms of gifts, ranging from online credit cards to more intricate assets. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations made to our foundation are eligible for the full charitable deduction. Our Tax ID Number (EIN) is 51-0157964.

The following methods are ways to give to Colorado Gives Foundation, we value and appreciate every contribution, no matter the size or type. We thank you for considering the Colorado Gives Foundation for your charitable giving.


For gifts via check, please make payable to Colorado Gives Foundation and note the name of the fund you are donating to in the memo line. For your reference, our Tax ID Number is #51-0157964. 

Mail your check to:
Colorado Gives Foundation
5855 Wadsworth Bypass, Unit A 
Arvada, Colorado 80003 

ACH + Wire Transfer

To make gifts via ACH or Wire Transfer, Submit Request Here to receive ACH/Wire instructions.

Stock Transfer

Did you know that we accept stock gifts? If you’re interested in making a contribution through stocks, we’re happy to assist you in the process. Help us be efficient and ensure that your stock transfer is posted properly. To get the process started, Submit Request Here.

  • Your name
  • Transfer date
  • Stock name and number of shares
  • Purpose of gift
  • Any other relevant information

We appreciate your efforts to provide us with this information, which helps us process your donation accurately and promptly.

IRA Charitable Distributions

There are multiple options to direct your gift from an IRA Charitable Distribution, which are listed below:

  • Because of our online giving platform, you can use your IRA Charitable Distribution, also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), to support multiple nonprofits. You’ll make a single distribution to Colorado Gives Foundation, and we’ll issue you an electronic Giving Card to use on the website. This option provides a convenient way to support the causes you care about without the hassle of managing multiple donations. If you’re interested in this option, Submit Request Here.
  • You can also direct your Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to support Colorado Gives Foundation and/or our work in Jefferson County. We are committed to making charitable giving accessible and impactful for all. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and help you make a meaningful difference in the causes you support, Submit Request Here.

Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance policies can be a valuable asset to donate to charity, either through an outright gift or beneficiary designation. If you choose to donate a new or existing policy, you can name Colorado Gives Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the insurance contract. In doing so, each premium payment made to the organization is tax-deductible as a charitable gift if you itemize your contributions.

Alternatively, you may decide to make a contribution to Colorado Gives Foundation through a beneficiary designation by designating a percentage or specific amount on your policyholder’s form. This option allows you to support the causes you care about without affecting your current financial situation.

Real Estate + Other Appreciated Assets

At our organization, we welcome gifts of real estate and other appreciated assets, including publicly traded and closely held stock. These types of gifts offer a wonderful opportunity to receive certain tax benefits while making a meaningful impact through charitable giving. By gifting appreciated assets, you can avoid paying capital gains tax and also qualify for a tax deduction when you itemize your contributions.

Use your Donor Advised Fund to Give on

At Colorado Gives Foundation, we strive to make philanthropy as simple and impactful as possible. That’s why we offer Donor Advised Fund Holders the option of using their DAF to preload a Giving Card for use on It’s a great way to maximize giving in Colorado and participate in Colorado Gives Day using your DAF. 

With a preloaded giving card, you can divide giving card to support one or many nonprofits at varying amount. Our program allows DAFs to make a single distribution using a DAF Giving Card, directing those dollars to any of over 3,800 Colorado-based nonprofit organizations participating on

If you’re interested in using your DAF held at Colorado Gives Foundation or another organization, Submit Request Here.

Personalized Giving Plan

At Colorado Gives Foundation, we recognize that philanthropy is a personal journey that is different for everyone. That is why we offer the opportunity to create a personalized philanthropic plan designed to align with your specific goals and interests.

Whether it is through gifts of cash, stocks, complex gifts, such as personal property, real estate, business interests, or family limited partnership interests, we are here to support you in your charitable giving. Our team is committed to partnering with you every step of the way to ensure that your giving experience is fulfilling and rewarding.

We invite you to connect below with our Philanthropic Services team to learn more about the different ways in which we can help you make meaningful impact.

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Endowment Manager

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Development + Community Engagement Manager

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