Impact Areas

Impact Areas

After careful analysis of the funding landscape in Colorado and in particular, the funding gaps in Jefferson County, Colorado, we have selected the following opportunities and areas of need in Jeffco to focus our efforts. In the very near future, we will begin developing opportunities and portfolios within each of these impact areas.

Essential Needs in Jefferson County

It’s hard to thrive when you cannot meet your most essential needs. That’s why we’re focusing our attention on issues of food access, housing, safety and health care (physical, dental and mental) for people living in Jefferson County, Colorado. Our portfolios of work are where we are activated around these issues. It’s also where grants, impact investments and other tools of the foundation will be deployed in 2021.

Connected and Resilient Neighborhoods

Our Jeffco community is more resilient and strong when we work together. Successful community collaborations require a strong backbone or container to develop shared goals, effective communication and a common agenda to align efforts among the whole community. That’s why we’re developing a portfolio of work that supports various coalitions and other collective efforts in Jefferson County.

Economic Security

When all our neighbors are economically secure, everyone benefits. We support efforts that help our neighbors get, keep, and even create, good-paying jobs. It begins with quality early childhood education (ECE) through 12th grade education for everyone, and continues through adulthood to support apprenticeships, job training, up-skilling and programs that promote entrepreneurship and small business development. Our portfolios of work will be showcased below as they are developed.

Civic Engagement

Great communities are built by engaged and active community members. We support efforts that promote quality of life, community engagement, civility and/or help community members develop the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to make a difference in their communities through leadership, art, advocacy and other means. Our portfolios of work will be showcased below as they are developed.