Nearly $2 Million in Grants are Supporting Early Learning, Healthy Food Access, and Nonprofit Support

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Exciting news for families in Jefferson County (Jeffco) and nonprofits across the state. Colorado Gives Foundation is awarding $2 million in grants to support nonprofits that are serving families and caregivers with young children as well as those that ensure individuals and families have access to healthy food. Additionally, in collaboration with the Schlessman Family Foundation, Colorado Gives Foundation is providing valuable online fundraising skill training to nonprofits across the state.  

Bright Futures 
Nonprofit partners working to improve coordination and access for families and caregivers with young children are receiving nearly half a million in grant funding. Funding supports 12 projects to improve access to early childhood and family education, support and develop the childcare workforce through training for early childhood care providers, education for caregivers of children with disabilities, and support for family, friends, and neighbors (FFN) childcare providers. 

Food Access 
This summer and fall, tens of thousands of Jeffco families will be eating fresh, nutritious, culturally relevant, and locally produced food. Colorado Gives Foundation is granting nearly $1 million to 30 Jeffco nonprofits working to provide hunger relief through local food pantries and mobile food distribution sites. The funding supports efforts to get food from local farmers to people who need it most by providing access to cold-food storage equipment, transportation, and pop-up food pick-up sites. 

Fundraising Support for Nonprofits 
Colorado Gives Foundation helps build capacity of nonprofits statewide through the online giving platform, Colorado Gives 365, Colorado Gives Day and nonprofit endowments. Through a $1.5 million, three-year partnership with the Schlessman Family Foundation, Colorado nonprofits are gaining valuable skills in online digital fundraising. 119 organizations are participating in the first year of the program. The Level Up program, provides needed technology, strategy, and training so that these organizations can be more effective online fundraisers.  

The Colorado Gives Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting nonprofits throughout the state and making a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

To learn more about Colorado Gives Foundation’s work or for a complete list of grantees, visit Bright Futures, Food Access, or Level Up.

About Colorado Gives Foundation 
Colorado Gives Foundation (formerly Community First Foundation) connects donors and Colorado nonprofits to make good happen. Through Colorado Gives 365, we make it easy for people to donate to the causes they care about, enabling meaningful change to help our neighbors thrive.  We achieve this by connecting people, ideas, and nonprofits, helping donors with philanthropic planning, and supporting nonprofits with grants and resources. Together, we strive to build resilient, connected and thriving communities. Our work is rooted in attentive listening and a firm commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Colorado Gives Foundation is where donors find and discover the community impact that matters most to them, which is good for everyone. 

About the Schlessman Family Foundation 
The Schlessman Family Foundation was founded in 1956 by Gerald L. and Florence M. Schlessman. It was established to provide charitable support in granting opportunities for children and adults hindered by economic status, physical or mental challenges, or requiring additional educational opportunities with the intent to enable them to become self-sufficient, productive members of their community. Since its inception, the Foundation has contributed over $100 million to more than 1000 charities. Upon the death of their parents, Lee E. Schlessman and Susan Schlessman Duncan assumed the leadership of the Foundation and continued until their deaths in 2019.