Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are here for people who want to do good things.

We’re here for you who know making a difference is a power we all have. ​And that what impacts one of us, impacts us all.​​

We’re here for you, who care about protecting our world, caring for our neighbors and educating our children.

For those who care about the little things. ​​

And the big things. ​

We’re here for individuals, businesses, nonprofits – everyone who wants to bring meaningful change.​​

We’re here connecting people and ideas, investing in the community, and making it easier to give to what you care about the most. ​​

​​We’re Colorado Gives Foundation. ​​

And we’re here for everyone who wants to do good. ​

Which is good for everyone. ​​​

Join us in shaping how Colorado Gives because
giving is better when we do it together. ​

Make Good Happen

In a community, we are all connected by the radiating energy of our actions

Good for Jeffco

Our roots trace back to the Lutheran Medical Center Foundation in Jefferson County. Despite our growth and evolution, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving Jefferson County and making a positive impact in the community. Every year, we provide over $8 million in support of nonprofits serving Jeffco and regularly seek ways to engage community members, elected officials, and donors toward greater community impact. We’re committed to supporting a diverse, inclusive and equitable Jeffco.

Good for nonprofits

Nonprofits are vital to a community’s well-being. They are the visionaries, hard workers and the people who make change happen. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding innovative and collaborative ways to support their work by connecting donors to nonprofits through the ColoradoGives.org giving, providing long-term financial sustainability through our nonprofit endowment program, offering capacity building support and providing free meeting space.

Good for donors

Doing good shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we provide donors with easy and personalized giving options. Whether you’re passionate about supporting a specific nonprofit on Colorado Gives Day or want to make a lasting impact through a donor advised fund, our team and tools offer a seamless and secure way to connect with nonprofits 365 days a year. We’re committed to helping donors make meaningful change in their communities, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Good for businesses

Colorado companies recognized that giving back not only fosters a sense of community and purpose, but it also promotes employee engagement, and bolsters a company’s reputation as a socially responsible organization. We make giving easy and joyful with a suite of products and services designed to align with corporate social responsibility goals. From customizable corporate donor advised funds to participation in corporate challenges on Colorado Gives Day and year-round giving on Colorado Gives 365, we’re committed to empowering companies to make a positive impact in their communities while cultivating a culture of generosity and impact.

And that’s good for everyone!